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Hello, I'm Kim Riley. I am a health educator & Midlife Transition & Relationship Coach who loves to...

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Reigniting Love in Midlife 


Are you in the middle of transition in your life

and want to save that most significant relationship in your life--

the one with your spouse or lifetime partner?

Your intimate relationship is IMPORTANT.

Think about the time, energy, and wealth of shared experience you have 

had together.

              Maybe you have children together. 

                     Maybe you've invested years in making a home together.

                            Maybe you have traveled and shared those unique

                            experiences together.

                                   Maybe you have a fun-loving shared group of

                                   friends together.

BUT, maybe you're at a point where you don't care if you've had a shared life.  At best, there's no spark left and you're beginning to wonder if you ever had it in the first place. At worst, there's resentment and fighting and you want to break it off.


I'm here to tell you that it is absolutely possible to save your relationship, and not only save it, but transform it to make it the most connected, fun-filled, loving and passionate relationship you have ever had..... even if you have been together for years!

After having two daughters, two professional careers and a 28-year-old-and-counting marriage, I can say that I have experienced those feelings of disconnection and resentment multiple times.  I know them all too well, especially as we were going through significant changes in our lives-- both of us getting jobs, then having babies, then young children, then teenagers, then the empty nest, then aging parents and the responsibility of taking care of them. The feelings are overwhelming and tiring, to say the least.  


I also know though, and am learning newly everyday, that it has been and continues to be possible to turn things around and create the most loving and supportive relationship with my husband I've ever had.  


Our lives together are new now. Our girls have grown and are out of the house. We both continue in our professions, but have time now outside of work to enjoy each other more than ever. We have our health, our desire to continue to travel together, and to spend quality time with our family & friends... and, of course, our daughters.

AND yes, yes and yes.... I will admit, we have a vastly improved life in the bedroom too.... even after 28 years!

This life is absolutely possible for you too. You CAN have whatever you dream of for your relationship and I would love to help you get there!  


I am passionate about my second "encore" career at age 55 as a relationship coach and I would love to help you create YOUR most passionate and exciting new relationship with your partner ever! 

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