About Me...

Skiing with my husband

My two loving young adult daughters

Hello my midlife women friends!


Let me tell you a bit about myself and you decide if I can help nurture you along your path to a life and relationships you love.

Who I am is someone who's curious

with a keen desire to learn.

I have been lucky to travel to more than 48 countries and to live in two, which has taught me to be curious and interested— curious about other cultures, interested to learn other languages, curious about unique traditions and belief systems, interested to learn about who people are and who they are not.

I bring this curiosity to my work with you. I want to know who YOU are, what YOU know, what YOU think, what makes YOUR world tick.

Who I am is someone who appreciates the bigger perspective.

If there’s something my decades of public health education work in less advantaged communities has taught me it’s that there is a bigger perspective in life. We can get consumed by our problems and our have-not points of view, but if we begin to take on an attitude of appreciation and gratitude for what we have, our lives always change for the better, no matter who we are or how dire our circumstances are.

I appreciate you and your unique views and values.  I empathize with your issues and problems and at the same time I help you to gain the perspective that there is always something to value more than your problems. 

Who I am is someone who knows the importance of mental focus

and positive mindset.

Fifteen years ago, I found a love for playing competitive tennis. I’ve always loved my many sports endeavors— backcountry skiing, biking, hiking, and swimming, but it’s tennis that has been my ultimate teacher of focus and positive mindset. 


Focus is about presence, the moment at hand.  Positive mindset is about the thoughts I choose. I can think “I’m having a bad day on the court”, or I can think “I’m fortunate to have the time to play today.”

I bring this focus and positive mindset to my work with you. I treat each of our conversations as the only conversation that matters in the moment, and I listen to YOU.  I also help bring out & build your strengths.  I do not focus on problems.

Who I am is someone who stays calm and level-headed.

Even though I have my share of emotional outbursts, I am usually calm. My belief about life is that it’s only life after all. Our circumstances are what they are and getting and staying emotionally distraught about them (which is easy to do) doesn’t serve us.

I help you understand this perspective and if you experience emotional

feelings during our conversations, I will stay calm, be your sounding board and will encourage and support you.  I am an Earth coach (something you'll learn about as we work together).  I will take a stand for you even if you don't take that stand for yourself right away.

Who I am is someone who believes in a powerful spiritual

presence larger than us.

Through my personal development work at Landmark Education, my coach training in the Tony Robbins practical psychology approach of Strategic Intervention, my feminine presence work, and my spiritual community at Mile Hi Church in Denver, I have come to believe in a spiritual presence and oneness that connects us all. I live in increasing awe and appreciation of this every day. Even though others may not share my same political views, values, beliefs, culture or sexual orientation, I believe in, appreciate and embrace our diversity and oneness.

I bring this belief in oneness and diversity to my coaching conversations with you. I

appreciate you for who you are and what you value. I approach my coaching with a

humble interest in you and how you and I are connected. 

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