My Services

I contribute 10% of my client fees to my treasure chest to assist less advantaged women who want coaching with me.



First Session: Discuss your

desires & goals

Second Session: Understand your needs, key relationships & values 

Follow-Up Sessions: Inquire into  key decisions you have made and life patterns that

keep you stuck &

practice strategies that build your relationship & communication skills

3- and 6-month

packages available

I work in person, by phone or virtually by Skype.

8-Week Reignited Love Program

Discovering your authentic self: your needs, desires, values & strengths

Interrupting your limiting beliefs & patterns that don’t serve you or your partner well

Developing a heartfelt understanding of your partner’s emotional needs, desires, values and strengths

Learning to become 100% responsible-- not the 50/50 mindset we often find ourselves in

with our partners

Reigniting playfulness, presence and passion with your partner

Creating a compelling future through alignment with your partner, living in conscious love together and being an example for others

Human Needs Assessment Single Session

Discover your 6 emotional needs


Learn simple techniques for meeting yours & your partner's needs in positive ways 

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