Kind words from my clients...

"Kim is very perceptive with the issues surrounding my past relationship and how to move through the difficulty of a breakup. She asks the right questions and provides concrete action steps to move through problems rather than dwell on them. Our conversations eased my anger and frustration through a new way of looking at my situation in a clearer and more compassionate light."  ~Martha

"Before talking with Kim, I felt stuck in a year-long questioning of myself—should I stay or should I go—in my marriage. 


The most specific way Kim’s advice helped were the actual tools and rationale that made good common sense to me.

Kim gave me several ideas of ways to approach difficult conversations with my husband.


Most powerful to me was Kim’s acknowledgment that my process is mine, which made the coaching valuable for that reason alone.  She expressed confidence in me that I will find my way, and that as my coach, she wanted the best for me.  I believed her.  Her role was to support and coach, reflect her observations, and ask good questions."  ~Tina

"You make a difference in people's lives just by the way you listen and communicate with such openness and heart."  ~Ana

"I really liked the exercises we did and feel like it really upped my confidence. I thought you did a great job. You were prepared. You asked great get-to-know-you questions. You listened well and even mentioned the names of the people I had mentioned earlier and that made me feel like you were really paying attention. You shared from your own life which put me at ease. Your heart is in this. I felt heard, respected and helped. Thank you!"   ~Kathy

"Throughout my life, I've had a complex relationship with my mother. I've felt misunderstood by her and emotionally distant. We were often in conflict. I always felt there was a wall between us. I didn't know how to make things better. I'm in my 50's and my mother is in her 80's. I truly wanted to make peace with her while I still had the chance. I've been able to do much more than that through my work with Kim.

Kim and I have been working together for 7 months. She helps me see things from a more productive angle. She's very good at calling me out, when necessary, in a gentle and supportive way. I like her casual, conversational style.

Not only do my mother and I communicate pretty well now, we've actually become closer than we've ever been. I've had many revelations about the gifts I've inherited from my mother.

Kim, I'm so grateful to you. Thank you."   ~Jana

Kind words from my family...

"As I reflect on Kim and her life thus far, I can never forget her dealing with her brain tumor.  Although thankfully benign, it was tenacious and required many years of different surgeries and treatments.  Throughout this period she showed us her determination to fight anything that came up, her ability to keep her life in perspective and, at the same time, the wonderful capacity to understand and graciously accept the reactions of those of us who love her.  She emerged from this experience with maturity and seemingly endless amounts of empathy for us all."                                                                                                                                  ~my father

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